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Did You Have More Fun Playing Vanilla On Classic Wow Or Private Servers?

Did you have more fun playing vanilla on classic wow or private servers?

I quit playing classic wow today because of what a shitshow it's become, everybody's a damn toxic minmaxer now. You can't even pvp in AV because you'll get kicked by high ranking autists mass reporting. Without doing the spell-cleave bullshit, it's impossible to run a dungeon in the normal way. I thought the private server community was bad, but the classic community is even worse. This may sound a bit ranty, but I'm so disappointed with the classic community. I remember the good old private servers days of vanilla. It was a much better vanilla experience than classic WoW, especially because of the progression. Now vanilla wow has become a joke because of classic wow.

Classic experience was destroyed since the beginning. -releasing phase 2 in its worst state, essentially destroying the experience and granting the small faction no bgs. (see realms for alliance dissappearing after continuous ganksquads). -Bots everywhere not getting banned for weeks.

What is the cleave méta?

Raid exp bugged putting the best of the bunch ahead of the curve

The raiding method for leveling in dungeons took longer than a normal 5 person party.

I'm not sure if I see the meta of the cleave being as terrible as people claim. Although I was passed by a few groups, it is not clear that I had any difficulty finding normal dungeon groups.

The raid exp bug is huge, but I don’t care how high other people are. The extra week or two they spent on MC is irrelevant in the scheme. Some players may have felt burned out by it, but ultimately they can play as they please.

I think the wPvP phase that lasted as long as it did began a collapse due to all the faction imbalance issues and transfers. Further compounded by the holiday season - which has always been rough on guilds.

Feels like a perfect shitstorm came together at the end of 2019 that really hit the classic wow community. I log in once a week to do the molten core. We'll wait and see if this playstyle is worth a subscription. I've done this 2 or 3 times now on private servers, and I think maybe others feel similarly apathetic towards continuing classic.

I found that smaller servers were more enjoyable. People avoid elite quests and prefer to quest solo whenever possible. If they do group, they usually leave right after the quest is over. There are very few people who duels outside of Ironforge. I believe most people rolled with the same group of friends/clique they already have and didn't go to great lengths to meet new people. Maybe that's just the realm I play in.

Vanilla, Kronos. Had the best community, a good blend of old and new. Best server, it has improved over the years. Are there bugs or other issues? They worked hard to fix it, and hell yes! Hell yes, I also like Que anywhere to bgs prelevel 51 and that terrain such as trees blocks spellcasting. (need vision before fire). The main difference between vanilla and traditional pservers lies in the way Blizz handled classic poorly, making some gamebreaking choices.

Oh hi

More fun on private servers and still having more fun on private servers.

Private Servers do Vanilla better... WAY better.

I was very excited for Classic, but it just did not feel like Vanilla AT ALL so I quit and came back to private servers.

I would love to see a decent Fresh Vanilla Server available soon.

Well I had more fun playing Vanilla TBC and Vanilla WotLK than I have now on retail. Classic is not yet available, so I am still waiting for Blizz's decision.

But I get the feeling. I hate it when retail guys want to do the mythic + in 10 mins because they have no time.

Friends have told me that it is almost the same. A lot of this stupid mentality to finish dungeon in 10 minutes.

Remember the days when WoW was still new and you had to put in a lot of effort to complete the dungs.

The game is too old and is out for too long. Everyone knows the shortest path to every thing. This is also true for humans. They want everything right away, not later. This is why current games encourage this type of play.

I miss the old days when exploring was easy and dungeons took only a few hours to complete.

fun in 2020 omegalul

Pservers are always more enjoyable, I think. People complain about the low pop, but that's probably because it's more authentic and better. If there are too many people to play, and you can pay some money to xfer your name, then it doesn’t feel like anyone matters.

If you ask this question on a subreddit for private servers, one might wonder what the majority (xd) of answers will look like.

Kronos was my favorite game since vanilla. Grn online I've had no interest in classic based on what I've read.

I had the most fun playing on Kronos.

It was so bad that I quit being a classic after the first month.

Same here. Quit as soon as I felt it wasn't up to par. Sure having big population realms was great but that's the only good part i saw. I'm now on Turtle WoW and have a blast leveling slowly (exp 0.5). The people are kind and respectful.