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Massively Exclusive: Jacobs on Camelot Unchained’s Kickstarter home Stretch

Camelot Unchained is close to the end of its Kickstarter adventure. As as of press time it's only two days left. City State's fantasy RvR sandbox is at just over $1.82 million of its $2 million goal, so Mark Jacobs has penned a diary for development to push the game's funds to the highest levels.

He outlines the many issues that arise when managing the Kickstarter campaign and an ambitious MMORPG project. He hits the highlights of the former that include three factions RvR, Minecraft-style building options, and an engine designed specifically for the project which has been able to handle hundreds of players simultaneously at more than 200 frames per second. Also, Jacobs thanks CU's current backers, whom he says have been incredibly supportive in the form of a pledge of $160.

After the cut, Jacobs' complete diary is available for viewing.

Dev diary

As I write this as I type this, the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter is getting close to the end with just 38 hours to go. The total is $1.73million. We are hopeful that we will reach our $2 million goal. Every comparable game has had a strong last day.

Whatever happens, I will always be grateful to our supporters. They're just amazing. Right now our average pledge is about $160. This is totally unprecedented. I've watched many games with crowd funding but there hasn't been a single one that has been in the same ballpark. Some have raised more dollars, but they have all done it by attracting larger numbers of people at a lot less per head, which is more like $55-$60. top top blog Camelot Unchained is a niche game so we expected/hoped that our average would be higher. Like they say, "never" is the goal we set in our dreams.

This is not the only aspect that can be quantifiable. What is the best way to measure enthusiasm? Or emotional buy-in? Or positive attitude? I can't but If I could, I believe our fans would be beyond belief. They have been an inspiration to me and my entire team, far beyond what we could have ever imagined or would have. For this too I am forever and deeply grateful,

I'm also extremely happy with the team we have. Every member of this team has given more than I could have asked for. We knew from the beginning that with only 12 of us, planning and conducting a Kickstarter campaign is lots of work. We thought we were ready to tackle it. The sheer immensity of the task exceeded all our expectations. top top blog Thankfully, everyone rose to the challenge, working not just for long hours but weekends as well to ensure that we were on the right track. We faced the usual flurry of illnesses and injuries, and today's fun and laughter with Amazon Payments servers being down for four hours definitely was a very unexpected challenge.

If we stay on the ground and continue to invest in the game the game, we'll soon embark on a bigger adventure: actually developing the game. Making an MMOG, even a targeted one, is a monumental task. It will not be easy but I don't think it will be. It will be enjoyable and rewarding. 30TT It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to be so involved in a game community. Camelot Unchained could be something special with their support. It is my responsibility to make sure it's. I reiterate my commitment to my team that we will do all things possible to fulfill the faith that we have received from our backers.

I'm happy to report that we've already taken a few positive strides in this direction. One of them is the initial work Andrew Meggs has done on our engine. When we looked at a variety of commercial options, it was evident that we'd require something optimized to our focus on large-scale battles, not a "jack of all trades" designed to accommodate a variety of types of games with different requirements. As anyone who has participated in or watched our tech demos can confirm that we've come quite a way in just about a month. We have hundreds of players in a small space and fighting, and we consistently play at more than 200 frames per second. This was all while playing with other players from around the globe.

Another feature is our building system. Crafting will be an integral aspect of our game and our crafters will be able accomplish more than create weapons armor, weapons and other equipment. They'll also build houses and other structures and defensive structures, etc. with a highly flexible construction block-like system that makes use of an array of individual "cells" and larger "pre-fabs". They'll also be able "blueprint" their creations , so they can be replicated, rebuilt or repaired faster than starting from scratch every time. This is unlike anything I have seen before in a MMOG. In fact, it's much more similar to similar building games like sandboxes, such as Minecraft.

Of course, the main focus of Camelot Unchained will be RvR in the company of Arthurians, Tuatha De Danann and Vikings. I invite anyone who enjoys this kind of game to take a look at what we're hoping to create. If you like what's being displayed and read, you can make a pledge. :)