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How To Set Up A Minecraft Server On Windows 10

Step 5 - Play on your server

You are now ready to play Minecraft with your friends. To play you have 3 options.

1. Rock it like a hurricane Locally (Same pc) - If you are just looking to play alone. 2. Internally (Lan) – This is for your friends and you to use the same WIFI. 3. Externally (Outside Lan) – This is for your friends to connect from anywhere around the world.

Option 1. Locally: We will start with option 1. To connect, open Minecraft and press Multiplayer. Go to "Add Server". You can change the server name to suit your needs. You have two options for the server address: "0" and "LocalHost". This will allow you to connect to your server.

Option 2. Internally(Lan),: So you have some friends that you want to play. Your ipv4 addresses is necessary to connect with your friends. I personally recommend going to https://www.whatismyip.com/what-is-my-public-ip-address/ and getting it. It can also be accessed by opening cmd and entering "ipconfig". This will also give you it as well as all of your other ip configurations. Once you have this just give it to your friends and have them enter it into the server address field and they should be able to connect.

Option 3. Option 3. For this you are going to need your ipv4 as well but there are some extra steps. To allow others to connect to your port, you will need to port forward the router. The default Minecraft port is at 25565. There are many videos on Youtube to help you port forward. Every provider is different. So look up how to port forward for "your provider". Once you're done, you can send your ipv4 over to your friends. They should be able connect.

The End.

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