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Telegram flexible forwarding and automatic jumping to the next channel
Telegram's flexible forwarding and automatic jumping to the next channel

Telegram, a very popular messaging app, was developed by Pavel Durov, the same person who created VKontakte (VK), one of the major social networks in Russia and some other countries in Eastern Europe. Telegram has many cool features that make it stand out from competing services like Whatsapp.

You know, it's a really cool feature
You can forward messages to other channels, which means you can send your entire chat with someone to another channel without copying and pasting. This is great for moving discussions between multiple groups, or just sending interesting reactions out into the wild.

Telegram's flexible forwarding and automatic jumping to the next channel

You can also forward messages to other people, so you can have a one-on-one conversation with anyone via Telegram. If you want to access all the messages sent between the two over time, try clicking their profile picture in the chat list view. This will open their common history with the full message log and timestamp (see screenshot below).

In addition to forwarding chats, it also supports forwarding photo/video/audio files via Telegram's built-in media player. Just right-click any file attachment in the window (or press "C").

You can copy the link and send it to you
Links in Telegram are plain text that can be sent to anyone, even if they don't have Telegram. If you send them a link and they open the link, they will see something like this:


Telegram has a lot of interesting options for sending messages
Telegram has many interesting options for sending messages. You can use emojis, stickers, and GIFs, add links and images, use formatting options, and cite other people's messages in your own.

It is also possible to forward a message to multiple chat groups at the same time by adding the channel name to the end of the address.

When 飞机中文 want to edit the content of the conversation or delete it completely from the telegram memory, there are only two buttons on this page: "Edit" or "Delete"

Edit message function
If you're lucky enough to have multiple admins in a chat room who have the ability to edit messages enabled, you can use those edits to make your messages look different from others.

In order to do this, the first step is to enable channel admins (or yourself if you're an admin) to edit messages. This should be done by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Edit Messages

Use bold or italic text or change text color
Another way to stand out is to use bold or italics, or change the text color directly in the message you send.

You can also use bold and italic text with background colors and even borders.

How to draw people's attention to certain information
But all these "tricks" are good only if you want to draw attention to certain information. They are not useful for forwarding messages because recipients will see them as regular text messages, not links. Also, bold, italic, and colored can be used for messages in the same channel or group chat, but they should not be used when sending links - otherwise, they may confuse your friends or recipients.

This involves forwarding messages between channels
The text will look different when you forward messages between channels. The formatting of the messages is lost in the process, and they will be displayed according to your current channel settings.

However, we can solve this problem!

JoinChatBot app allows you to forward messages from one Telegram channel to another, as well as skip to the next and previous channel. To use this application, just follow these steps:

- Install the JoinChatBot app on your Android phone or tablet (also available on iOS).

- Open the JoinChatBot app and connect it with your Telegram account by completing the following instructions: https://joinchatbot.github.io/userguide/#how- To connect the app:

- After connecting to your Telegram account, you should see a list of all the groups you're a part of (if you haven't joined any groups, you won't be able to use this feature). Click this list to choose one; then click "Add" in the upper right corner of the screen so that when someone sends an invitation link for another group, the link will be automatically accepted without you having to confirm each time

Easier port forwarding
If you are tired of manually retweeting posts again and again with JoinChatBot, you need this app to help you!

This application will help you forward your mail automatically. It will automatically forward messages to other channels, saving you time and effort. This is perfect if you have multiple Telegram groups active throughout the day, or even if one channel has many different topics at the same time.

It also helps keep your channel organized by automatically jumping to the next channel after retweeting a post. This ensures that people's locations aren't mixed up: when they start using the extension, they're always in the same place (rather than stuck somewhere else).

Last but not least, because it saves money! Manual forwarding of messages requires cash and costs $0.05 per message sent; however, with the app installed on your computer and tablet/phone, these fees are completely waived because we already pay for it ourselves!